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303537 2749140 2012-06-21 2021-03-19 0300108672 Clarke, Erskine, 1941- Dwelling place : a plantation epic Yale University Press, 2005 305.896073 c597 , 2005 jones charles colcock 1804 1863 family,family jones charles colcock 1804 1863,jones lizzy family,family jones lizzy,georgia plantation life liberty county history 19th century,liberty county plantation life georgia history 19th century,plantation life georgia liberty county history 19th century,georgia plantation owners liberty county biography,liberty county plantation owners georgia biography,plantation owners georgia liberty county biography,whites georgia liberty county biography,georgia whites liberty county biography,liberty county whites georgia biography,georgia slaves liberty county biography,liberty county slaves georgia biography,slaves georgia liberty county biography,liberty county african americans georgia biography,georgia african americans liberty county biography,african americans georgia liberty county biography,liberty county ga biography,liberty county ga race relations,race relations liberty county ga,social life and customs liberty county ga 19th century,liberty county ga social life and customs 19th century