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table item item 2 CREATE TABLE item ( item_record_num BIGINT, bib_record_num BIGINT, creation_date TEXT, record_last_updated TEXT, barcode TEXT, agency_code_num BIGINT, location_code TEXT, checkout_statistic_group_code_num BIGINT, checkin_statistics_group_code_num BIGINT, checkout_date TEXT, due_date TEXT, patron_branch_code TEXT, last_checkout_date TEXT, last_checkin_date TEXT, checkout_total BIGINT, renewal_total BIGINT, isbn TEXT, item_format TEXT, item_status_code TEXT, price_cents BIGINT, item_callnumber TEXT )
table bib bib 177157 CREATE TABLE bib ( bib_record_num BIGINT, creation_date TEXT, record_last_updated TEXT, isbn TEXT, best_author TEXT, best_title TEXT, publisher TEXT, publish_year INTEGER, bib_level_callnumber TEXT, indexed_subjects TEXT )
table bib_record bib_record 583757 CREATE TABLE bib_record ( id INTEGER, record_id INTEGER, language_code TEXT, bcode1 TEXT, bcode2 TEXT, bcode3 TEXT, country_code TEXT, index_change_count INTEGER, is_on_course_reserve BOOLEAN, is_right_result_exact BOOLEAN, allocation_rule_code TEXT, skip_num INTEGER, cataloging_date_gmt DATETIME, marc_type_code TEXT, is_suppressed BOOLEAN )
table language_property language_property 680621 CREATE TABLE language_property ( id INTEGER, code TEXT, display_order INTEGER, name TEXT )
table record_metadata record_metadata 680631 CREATE TABLE record_metadata ( id BIGINT, record_type_code TEXT, record_num BIGINT, creation_date_gmt DATE, deletion_date_gmt TEXT, campus_code TEXT, agency_code_num BIGINT, record_last_updated_gmt DATETIME )
table bib_record_item_record_link bib_record_item_record_link 1410908 CREATE TABLE bib_record_item_record_link ( id INTEGER, bib_record_id BIGINT, bib_record_num INTEGER, item_record_id BIGINT, item_record_num INTEGER, items_display_order INTEGER, bibs_display_order INTEGER )
table volume_record_item_record_link volume_record_item_record_link 1629502 CREATE TABLE volume_record_item_record_link ( id BIGINT, volume_record_id BIGINT, volume_record_num INTEGER, item_record_id BIGINT, item_record_num INTEGER, items_display_order INTEGER, volume_statement TEXT )
table phrase_entry phrase_entry 1657534 CREATE TABLE phrase_entry ( id INTEGER, record_id INTEGER, index_tag TEXT, varfield_type_code TEXT, occurrence INTEGER, is_permuted BOOLEAN, type2 INTEGER, type3 TEXT, index_entry TEXT, insert_title TEXT, phrase_rule_rule_num INTEGER, phrase_rule_operation TEXT, phrase_rule_subfield_list TEXT, original_content TEXT, parent_record_id INTEGER, insert_title_tag TEXT, insert_title_occ INTEGER )
table branch_name branch_name 2250146 CREATE TABLE branch_name ( branch_id INTEGER, name TEXT, iii_language_id INTEGER )
table branch branch 2250150 CREATE TABLE branch ( id INTEGER, address TEXT, email_source TEXT, email_reply_to TEXT, address_latitude TEXT, address_longitude TEXT, code_num INTEGER )
table country_property_myuser country_property_myuser 2250155 CREATE TABLE country_property_myuser ( code TEXT, display_order INTEGER, name TEXT )
table item_status_property_myuser item_status_property_myuser 2250158 CREATE TABLE item_status_property_myuser ( code TEXT, display_order INTEGER, name TEXT )
table itype_property_myuser itype_property_myuser 2250159 CREATE TABLE itype_property_myuser ( code INTEGER, display_order INTEGER, itype_property_category_id TEXT, physical_format_id INTEGER, target_audience_id TEXT, name TEXT )
table physical_format_myuser physical_format_myuser 2250160 CREATE TABLE physical_format_myuser ( id INTEGER, is_default BOOLEAN, display_order INTEGER, name TEXT )
table bib_level_property_myuser bib_level_property_myuser 2250161 CREATE TABLE bib_level_property_myuser ( code TEXT, display_order INTEGER, name TEXT )
table material_property_myuser material_property_myuser 2250162 CREATE TABLE material_property_myuser ( code TEXT, display_order INTEGER, is_public BOOLEAN, material_property_category_id TEXT, physical_format_id TEXT, name TEXT )
table location location 2250102 CREATE TABLE location ( id INTEGER, code INTEGER, branch_code_num INTEGER, parent_location_code INTEGER, is_public BOOLEAN, is_requestable BOOLEAN )
table location_name location_name 2250163 CREATE TABLE location_name ( location_id INTEGER, name TEXT, iii_language_id INTEGER )
table hold hold 2250219 CREATE TABLE hold ( hold_id INTEGER, bib_record_num INTEGER, campus_code TEXT, record_type_on_hold TEXT, item_record_num INTEGER, volume_record_num INTEGER, placed_gmt DATETIME, is_frozen BOOLEAN, delay_days BIGINT, location_code TEXT, expires_gmt DATETIME, hold_status TEXT, is_ir BOOLEAN, is_ill BOOLEAN, pickup_location_code TEXT, ir_pickup_location_code TEXT, ir_print_name TEXT, ir_delivery_stop_name TEXT, is_ir_converted_request BOOLEAN, patron_is_active BOOLEAN, patron_ptype_code INTEGER, patron_home_library_code TEXT, patron_mblock_code TEXT, patron_has_over_10usd_owed BOOLEAN )
table active_items active_items 2256090 CREATE TABLE active_items ( bib_record_num BIGINT, item_record_num BIGINT, volume_record_num BIGINT, volume_statement TEXT, items_display_order INTEGER )
table active_holds active_holds 2300487 CREATE TABLE active_holds ( hold_id BIGINT )
table bib_fts bib_fts 0 CREATE VIRTUAL TABLE [bib_fts] USING FTS5 ( [best_author], [best_title], [publisher], [publish_year], [bib_level_callnumber], [indexed_subjects], content=[bib] )
table bib_fts_data bib_fts_data 2301134 CREATE TABLE 'bib_fts_data'(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, block BLOB)
table bib_fts_idx bib_fts_idx 2301135 CREATE TABLE 'bib_fts_idx'(segid, term, pgno, PRIMARY KEY(segid, term)) WITHOUT ROWID
table bib_fts_docsize bib_fts_docsize 2301136 CREATE TABLE 'bib_fts_docsize'(id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, sz BLOB)
table bib_fts_config bib_fts_config 2301137 CREATE TABLE 'bib_fts_config'(k PRIMARY KEY, v) WITHOUT ROWID
table holds_shelf holds_shelf 2339913 CREATE TABLE "holds_shelf" ( `hold_id` INTEGER, `local_hold_id` INTEGER, `hash_row` TEXT UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY, -- so we can track changes made to the row `placed_epoch` INTEGER, `patron_record_hash` TEXT, -- -- `patron_record_id` INTEGER, -- `patron_record_num` INTEGER, `record_id` INTEGER, `record_type_code` TEXT, `record_num` INTEGER, `item_location_code` TEXT, `agency_code_num` INTEGER, `checkin_statistics_group_code_num` INTEGER, `checkin_statistics_group_name` TEXT, `s_location_code` TEXT, -- `is_frozen` INTEGER, -- `delay_days` INTEGER, `expires_epoch` INTEGER, `status` INTEGER, -- `is_ir` INTEGER, `pickup_location_code` TEXT, -- `is_ill` INTEGER, -- `note` TEXT, -- `ir_pickup_location_code` TEXT, -- `ir_print_name` TEXT, -- `is_ir_converted_request` INTEGER, -- `patron_records_display_order` INTEGER, -- `records_display_order` INTEGER, `is_deleted` INTEGER NOT NULL DEFAULT 0, `deleted_epoch` INTEGER, `modified_epoch` INTEGER )